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Meet the Zoo’s Newly Named Giraffe Calf

It’s official! The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore’s newest giraffe family member, born in February, has a name: Willow.

An incredibly popular public campaign that gleaned 26,000-plus votes whittled down six names—Safara, Opal, Ruby, Imara, Dottie and Willow—to one. The young giraffe’s chosen name suits her, as she is tall and slender. According to a zoo worker, “She looks like a willow tree.”

Willow happens to be the first giraffe calf to be born at the zoo in more than 20 years. Willow not only adds to the amazing giraffe family but also brings a lot of positive attention and excitement to the zoo. Willow and her mother, Juma, will be gradually introduced to the public, an intentional process so that the giraffe calf is not overwhelmed around upcoming visitors.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is home to nearly 200 species ranging from birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles exhibited in biological settings imitating their natural habitats. Inspiring and educating people to show support for wildlife and wild places is one of the main goals at the zoo. Engaging visitors with cool exhibits allows for an endless harmonious relationship with nature. Willow will help add to the delightful and heartwarming family at the Baltimore Zoo. Come see her this spring!

Photo courtesy of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore / Jeffrey F. Bill.

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