99 Days of Summer Activities for Aug. 19 to 25

Two more weeks until the start of school! Here are some activities to keep you busy for the last weeks of summer.

Aug. 19: Visit a butterfly garden (such as ladewgardens.com).

Aug. 20: Commit to flying a kite at least once this summer.

Aug. 21: Pitch a tent in your backyard or go camping at a local campground.

August 22: Visit a local amusement park.

Aug. 23: For a fun rainy-day activity, plan a trip to a local planetarium, such as the Davis Planetarium (mdsci.org).

Aug. 24: Make a glittery, stress-busting Calming Jar. (see preschoolinspirations.com for details.)

Aug. 25: Make a sandcastle at least once this summer.

Activities for Aug. 12-18

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