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Obsessed with the Game In Baltimore and beyond, more kids are specializing in one sport at earlier ages—what are the pros and cons?

Originally published in Baltimore Style Magazine Some days I find myself praying to all that’s holy for rain—because rain is what gets my kid’s soccer practice cancelled, or that cross-country meet called off. On some of those rainy days my kids are relieved, too, because there’s a point in every …

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City Living Rather than fleeing Baltimore City for suburbia to raise their children, many couples are staying put.

In 2001, California native Patrick Gutierrez and his wife, Sacha, moved to the Baltimore City neighborhood of Brewers Hill, where they lived happily for several years. But in 2010, with their family expanding to include two young daughters, their living quarters started feeling cramped. So they did what many other …

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Plug the Summer Brain Drain

Every parent of a school-age child knows the “summer backslide,” “summer brain” and “sun-head.” How did Joey forget algebra in six weeks? Call it what you will, in academic research circles it is known as summer learning loss, “the phenomenon where young people lose academic skills over the summer.” According to the Johns Hopkins School of Education’s Why …

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