Music Programs

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Baltimore City

Flute Lessons with Alicia Kosack

Baltimore, MD 21209

Age: 8-up
Average Class Sizes:
Alicia Kosack
(410) 456 - 6088
Instruments Offered: Flute

Lessons tailored to students’ needs, beginner to advanced. Focus on a solid musical background within a nurturing, supportive environment.

Forever Music Studio

3906 Fallstaff Road
Baltimore, MD 21215

Age: 5-95
Average Class Sizes: One-on-one instruction
Michele Eidensohn
(410) 358 - 8948
Instruments Offered: Piano, Cello, Guitar

Focus on learning to play an instrument well; love and appreciation for music.

Baltimore County

Flute Lessons with Audra Ziegel

270 Stanmore Rd.
Baltimore, Md 21212

Age: 9-adult
Average Class Sizes:
Audra Ziegel
(217) 819 - 8960
Instruments Offered: flute

Located in Rodgers Forge in Baltimore County. Over 10 years teaching experience with students of all skill levels, beginning to advanced. Lessons will promote good practice habits and establish a firm foundation of rhythm and tone production.