Music Programs

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Baltimore County

Robert Hitz Studio (The)

4523 Old Court Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21208

Age: 4-up
Average Class Sizes:
Robert Hitz
(410) 655 - 8361
Instruments Offered: Piano, composition, songwriting, voice

Private music study in piano, voice, composition and theater skills with opportunities for performance of original music.

Howard County

Roberson School of Music

9198 Red Branch Rd., Suite E
Columbia, MD 21045

Age: 3-up
Average Class Sizes:
Dr. Monica Roberson
(410) 846 - 1500
Instruments Offered: Piano, voice, strings, winds, brass, percussion, theory, early childhood program, musicianship

Classes and lessons from beginners to advanced musicians training for professional careers. Specializing in music lessons for children with special needs and the visually impaired.