Music Programs

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Baltimore City

Violin Lessons with Lena Seeger

Baltimore, MD 21205

Age: 3 and up
Average Class Sizes: Individual Instruction
Lena Seeger
(608) 772 - 1249
Instruments Offered: Violin, Viola

Individual strings instruction for violin and viola students at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. No previous music experience is required. Teacher has experience with autistic students.

Optional recital performance twice a year. Additional recitals are often planned in collaboration with other music studios.

Violin Studio of Kathryn Kilian

Baltimore, MD 21215

Age: 3-up
Average Class Sizes:
Kathryn Kilian
(860) 874 - 9942
Instruments Offered: Violin

Instructor teaches violin with the whole person in mind.

Baltimore County

Violin Lessons - Chong

Lutherville, MD 21093

Age: 4-up
Average Class Sizes:
Yoon-Mee Chong
(443) 823 - 0345
Instruments Offered: Violin

Violin/Viola Studio of Sally Grobani

2724 Moores Valley Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21209

Age: 4-up
Average Class Sizes:
Sally Grobani
(410) 484 - 4059
Instruments Offered: Violin, viola

Experience teacher in Suzuki and traditional methods. References available.

Vivaldi String Academy

41 Willow Avenue
Towson, MD 21286

Age: 5-up
Average Class Sizes:
Emmanuel Borowsky
(443) 889 - 4388
Instruments Offered: violin, viola, cello, theory

Siblings Emmanuel and Frances Borowsky have performed in 35 countries. Now, they’re paying it forward with their passionate, creative, and effective teaching.

Vocal Lessons with Sahffi Lynne

21 Enjay Ave.
Catonsville, MD 21228

Age: 9-up
Average Class Sizes:
Sahffi Lynne
(410) 963 - 2199
Instruments Offered: Vocal Lessons

Sahffi teaches individuals how to use their bodies as instruments using her “Vocal Ladder” Method. Learn proper vocal technique while understanding how your instrument makes the most relaxed and best sound for you.

Voice and Violin Lessons

Catonsville, MD 21228

Age: 5-up
Average Class Sizes:
Nicole Simpson
(410) 523 - 3130
Instruments Offered: violin, voice