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Kairos Holistic Healing Arts Birth Support Services

514 Wyanoke Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218

Ages Accepted:all ages
Allison Harris

Kairos Holistic Healing Arts Birth Support Services
Allison Harris NCTMB,LMT,CD – owner/director
Serving Maryland and Washington D.C.

Our society tends to scare women about birth and breastfeeding, and forgets to speak more often about the joy and the miracle of birth, and the great feminine well of wisdom and strength that we as women all possess. Kairos doulas are grateful to be able to help fellow moms overcome fears, anxiety, and perhaps doubts about their ability to navigate the challenges of labor, and see them rise up to overcome them all, claim the immensity of personal power they possesses, and stand victorious, precious new babe in arms, knowing they have everything needed to mother their child, and to conquer any obstacle put before them. Kairos doulas also enjoy assisting expectant dads/partners to feel empowered to participate in the birth of their child, in whatever way they feel most comfortable, and to partner with them to help facilitate a safe and beautiful birth, and help welcome their new baby into this world, within an atmosphere of great joy, celebration, and love.

As mentors ad supportive guides, Kairos doulas journey with you on one of life’s most wondrous adventures, and at its conclusion, it is our great joy and honor to cheer, cry happy tears, and celebrate your victory with you, for having climbed your Mt. Everest, and taking your triumphant stand at its peak. Kairos doulas are committed to helping you recognize and use the skills and knowledge you already possess, as well as opening doors which may introduce new avenues of thought, seeing, exploration, creativity, and self expression, to develop new self supportive skills,and coping techniques. Through compassionate, loving, supportive care which empowers the birthing mother, we work as part of the maternity care team, alongside your husband/partner, and your medical caregivers, to help begin the life of your new baby, and your new family, in an atmosphere of joy, love, caring, and respect. Our professional birth doulas are women serving women, through non-judgemental, unconditional nurturing, physical, emotional and education support, and love.