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The Visual Learning Centers of America

8827 Columbia 100 Pkwy., Suite 3
Columbia, MD 21045

Ages Accepted:4 yrs. - up
Dr. Michael Kotlicky

Dr. Kotlicky is a developmental optometrist with nearly 40 years experience diagnosing binocular vision problems that can interfere with reading and learning. Through specialized testing, and individualized vision therapy treatment plans, patients of all ages are able to improve visual function, as well as school, sports, and job performance. You can have 20/20 eyesight, yet lack the visual skills critical for reading and learning. Anyone who has a history of concussion, or who experiences eyestrain, headache, fatigue, blurred or double vision or poor comprehension when reading should schedule a Developmental Vision Evaluation to rule out the possibility of an undiagnosed vision problem. Don’t let a correctable vision disorder hold your child back. Most major medical plans cover testing and treatment for Convergence Insufficiency, the most common vision problem we treat that makes reading a struggle. We can help.

Treatment Center in Baltimore for Vision Therapy:
19 Walker Ave, Suite 300
Pikesville, MD 21208