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Mental Health

University of Maryland Center for Infant Study: Secure Starts

701 W. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Ages Accepted:Inf. - 5 yrs.
Brijan Fellows, LCSW-C

The Secure Starts Clinic at the University of Maryland provides behavioral and mental health services for families and children age 0 –5 who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioral problems, such as:
Behavior and learning difficulties at school or daycare
Relationship problems with parents, siblings, family members, and peers
Adjustment to serious illnesses or life changes
Irritability, sadness or depression
Hyperactivity and inattention
Oppositional or aggressive behaviors
Separation anxiety
Traumatic experiences, including physical, sexual abuse or other scary events
Loss and grief

Our clinic is a multi-disciplinary team of social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. We actively involve parents and family members in all aspects of treatment. Services we provide include:
Diagnostic assessment
Individual and group therapy for children
Family therapy
Psychopharmacological evaluation and treatment
Collaboration with community agencies, including early intervention, schools and daycare centers
Psychological Assessment
Crisis Intervention

Referral to other appropriate services and supports