Theatre Programs

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Baltimore City

Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

3900 Roland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21210

Average Class Sizes: 25

Offers an series of educational opportunities exploring the fun and the mystery in the works of William Shakespeare through performance, stage combat and an understanding of Shakespeare’s words (and how he used them).

Baltimore School for the Arts TWIGS Program

712 Cathedral St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Age:Grades 5-8
Average Class Sizes: 20
(443) 642 - 5167

Developing creativity and expression through theater games. Children must be residents of Baltimore City and qualify by audition.

Black Cherry Puppet Theater

1115 Hollins St.
Baltimore, MD 21223

Average Class Sizes:
(410) 752 - 7272
Baltimore County

Baltimore Actors Theatre Conservatory (BATC)

Dumbarton House
Baltimore, MD 21212

Age:7 - 14
Average Class Sizes: 6 - 10
(410) 337 - 8519

Baltimore Actors' Theatre Academy

The Dumbarton House, 300 Dumbarton Road
Baltimore, MD 21212

Average Class Sizes: 8-10
(410) 337 - 8519