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Crazy for Contests

This wide assortment of contests includes those that are school competitions and others that are independent projects that must be submitted to judges. A few are personal challenges as opposed to team competition. Many contests accommodate home educating co-ops and families. 

General/ Multi-Discipline

Amazing Kids! Magazine, 206-331-3807. All ages. Online visual art and creative writing contests.

Color Maryland Green Gr. K-12. Art and poetry contest designed to inspire Maryland students to enjoy and respect the state’s great outdoors and natural resources. Submissions of visual art, poetry, photos, and videos accepted.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development Fellows, 775-852-3483 x 435. Ages 18-under. $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000 scholarships in recognition of outstanding achievements in the areas of science, technology, mathematics, music, literature, philosophy, or “outside the box.”

Destination ImagiNation, 856-881-1603. Gr. K-12. Team effort to creatively solve a long-term science- or humanities-based team challenge. 

Knowledge Master Open, 800-321-9218. Gr. 5-12. 100-200 curriculum-based questions requiring answers.

Math, Trivia & Word Quizzes, All ages. Hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, and more from Sheppard Software designed for classroom competition.

Odyssey of the Mind, 302-331-3392. Gr. K–college. Problem-solving competition, ranging from building mechanical devices to presenting an interpretation of literary classics.

President’s Challenge (The) Physical Fitness Test,, 800-258-8146. Gr. 1–12. Fitness and/or sports challenge spanning approximately four months. Program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (The) Gr. 7-12. Contest featuring 28 categories of art and writing for exhibit, publication, and scholarships. Sponsored by The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers.

SkillsUSA, 703-777-8810. Gr. 9-12. Competitions showcasing the best career and technical students in the nation.

Teen Ink, 617-964-6800. Ages 13-19. Contest featuring magazines, websites, and books written by teens. Writing, art, photography, and other contests for publication. 

United States Academic Decathlon, 866-511-8723. Gr. 9-12. Competition in a variety of disciplines including economics, art, language and literature, mathematics, music, social studies, and science.

World Scholar’s Cup, 866-336-4332. Ages 11-18. Competition inviting students to explore a challenging theme centered around science, economics, the arts, literature, history, or current affairs, and master four events: debate, writing, challenge exam, Scholar’s Bowl.


Art Institutes North American Future Student Competitions (The), 888-624-0300. Gr. 9-12. Scholarship competition for students who wish to pursue a creative degree at one of The Art Institutes schools.

Doodle 4 Google Gr. K-12. Contest showcasing Google doodles inspired by a specific annual theme.

Jason Project (The), 703-822-7238. Gr. K-12. Environmental art contest that connects students and teachers with real scientific exploration and discovery.

KinderArt Gr. K-12. Links to KinderArt-sponsored and other art competitions for kids.

Ranger Rick “Your Best Shots” Photography Contest, Ages 13-under. Nature photo contest in which the winners’ shots are featured in the Ranger Rick magazine and on the website.

“Stuck At Prom” Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship Gr. 9-12. Competition promoting creation of prom clothes made of duct tape. 

History/Social Sciences

Being an American Essay Contest,, 703-894-1776. Gr. 9-12. Contest challenging students to explore what it means to be an American and their civic responsibilities. Sponsored by The Bill of Rights Institute.

Doors to Diplomacy, 760-635-0001. Gr. 6-12. Web projects that teach others about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy.

Knight Essay Contest (The) Gr. 10-12. Contest inviting students to discuss an event, person, philosophy, or ideal associated with the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, or the framing of the U.S. Constitution. Sponsored by the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

LifeSmarts, 202-835-3323. Gr. 6-12. Online and actual competitions to encourage students to learn about the consumer issues they face today and in the future. Sponsored by the National Consumers League.

Model United Nations, 212-887-9040. Gr. 6-12. Program inviting students to debate as ambassadors on current issues on the United Nations’ agenda. 

National Geography Bee, National Geographic Society, 202-828-6659. Gr. 4-8. Geography competition in a quiz format.

National High School Mock Trial Championship,, 515-243-3179. Gr. 9-12. Trial simulations, including statement of facts, indictment, stipulations, witness statements/affidavits, jury charges, exhibits, etc.

National History Day, Maryland Humanities Council, 410-685-0095. Gr. 4-12. Dramatic performances, imaginative exhibits, multimedia documentaries, and research papers related to an annual theme. 

Patriot’s Pen Gr. 6-8. Nationwide essay contest with an emphasis on American history. Sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Reconnecting the Circle’s National High School Essay Gr. 9-12. Contest encouraging students to explore Native American culture.

Voice of Democracy Gr. 9-12. Nationwide essay contest with an emphasis on American history. Sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Language Arts/Writing

Baltimore Science Fiction Society, Jack L. Chalker Young Writers’, 410-563-2737, 301-596-3936. Ages 14-18. Contest featuring science fiction or fantasy writing.

Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards, 805-965-3443. Three age categories: Adult, Youth 13-18, and Youth 12 & under. Annual series of awards to encourage poets to explore and illuminate positive visions of peace and the human spirit.

BIC Quality Comes in Writing Essay Contest, Lifetime Learning Systems, Gr. 4-6. Short essay contest.

Center Stage Young Playwrights Festival, 410-986-4000. Gr. 1-12. Competition showcasing original plays.

Letters About Literature,, 202-707-5000. Gr. 4-12. National reading/writing contest inviting students to write a personal letter to an author, living or dead, from any genre, explaining how that author’s work changed the student’s way of thinking about the world or him/herself. Sponsored by the Library of Congress.

National Youth Storytelling Showcase, Ages 8-18. Local and national storytelling competition.

Scripps National Spelling Bee Gr. 8-under. 

Weekly Reader Student Publishing Contest, 302-295-8351. Gr. 3-12. Contest honors the best nonfiction writing by students, accepting print and digital entries.


American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), 800-527-3690. Gr. 6-12.

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” Poster Contest –, 410-704-2137. Gr. 1-8. Opportunity for students to creatively demonstrate their understanding of economic concepts. Sponsored by the Maryland Council on Economic Education.

MATHCOUNTS Competition Program, 301-498-6141. Gr. 6-8. Competitive program featuring “bee”-style contests.

Math League Math Contests Online,, 201-568-6328. Gr. 4-8, Algebra I.

Math Olympiads, 866-781-2411. Gr. 4-8. Team problem solving contests.

Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, 215-382-9800. Gr. 11-12. Internet-based applied mathematics challenge. Scholarships awarded. Sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)/ The Moody’s Foundation.

Stock Market Game –, 410-704-2137. Gr. 4-12. Simulation that teaches about the stock markets, the American economic system, and the global economy. Sponsored by the Maryland Council on Economic Education.


American Computer Science League Computer Science Contest, Gr. 6-12.

Boosting Engineering Science & Technology (BEST) Robotics,, 334-844-5759. Gr. 6-12. Team competition to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology, and math through participation in a sports-like, science- and engineering-based robotics competition.

Botball Educational Robotics Program, 405-579-4609. Gr. 6-12. Team-oriented robotics competition based on national science education standards.

Chemistry Olympiad, click on Education/Students/High School;, 800-227-5558. Gr. 9-12. Multi-tiered competition designed to test students’ knowledge and skills in high school chemistry.

Christopher Columbus Awards,, 800-291-6020. Gr. 6-8. Science and technology competition encouraging students to use the scientific process to solve real-world problems and change their communities.

eCYBERMISSION, 1-866-GoCyber. Gr. 6-9. Web-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) team competition working to solve problems in the community.

ExploraVision, 800-EXPLOR9. Gr. K-12. Competition encouraging students to imagine what technology might be like in the future.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL), 603-666-3906. Gr. K-8. Team challenge requiring students to program a robot to score points on a playing field, and to develop a solution to a problem they have identified.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) FIRST Tech Challenge,, 603-666-3906. Gr. 9-12. Competition to design, build, and program robots based on sound engineering principles.

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), 603-666-3906. Gr. 9-12. Team challenge alongside professional engineers to build and compete with a robot of their own design for college scholarships.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair,, 202-785-2255. Gr. 9-12. Pre-college competition. 

Maryland Engineering Challenge, Baltimore Museum of Industry,, 410-727-4808. Gr. 1-12. Hands-on engineering activities/challenges promoting technological literacy.

National Engineers Week Future City Competition,, 877-636-9578. Gr. 6-8. Engineering program that combines a stimulating engineering challenge with a hands-on application to present students’ vision of a city of the future.

National Science Decathlon Gr. 5-9 & 9-12. Competitive, hands-on, science-based team tournaments throughout the United States.

Science Olympiad, 630-792-1251. Gr. K-12. Rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of individual and team events.

Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology, 877-822-5233. Gr. 9-12. Individual or team competition to achieve national recognition and scholarships for science research projects completed in high school.

Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, 800-323-9084. Gr. K-12. Environmental sustainability competition that challenges students to learn about science and conservation while creating solutions to problems that impact our planet. Scholarships awarded.

Six Flags Physics Day, Gr. 5-8 & 9-12. Team effort to build roller coaster models built of materials that include wood, wire, string, or other low cost items.

Team America Rocketry Challenge, 703-358-1033. Gr. 7-12. Team effort to design, build, and fly a model rocket with a raw egg payload that reaches a specific altitude and duration. Sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association and the National Association of Rocketry.

Technology Student Association (TSA) TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science), 703-860-9000. Gr. 9-12. Competition challenging students to work collaboratively applying math and science knowledge in practical, creative ways to solve everyday engineering problems.

ThinkQuest Ages 9-19. Challenges requiring students to solve problems using technology.

U.S. Physics Olympiad, 301-209-3340. Gr. 9-12. Annual competition to represent the United States at the International Physics Olympiad Competition. 

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