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Pose of the Penguin

Striking a warrior pose at the edge of Penguin Coast is a yoga experience unlike any other, says Kate Rosenfeld of Rosie Glow Yoga, who has taken her practice to the Maryland Zoo from now through the end of September for Yoga at the Zoo. The penguins—as well as the pelicans that share their space—waddle right up to the glass and aren’t afraid to interact with yogis, she says.

Yoga at the Zoo

The animal interaction continues after class when participants meet one of the zoo’s ambassador penguins. Yogis also receive same-day admission to the zoo for more fun and animal watching. Not surprisingly, the class has become popular and Rosenfeld says the zoo is considering expanding the program to include more yoga events.

Yoga at the Zoo is geared to all levels of practitioners aged 15 and up. Those who are over 21 are treated to a Truly Spiked & Sparkling beverage, which is sponsoring the program.

Check the zoo’s website for dates and to register. Yoga at the Zoo costs $20 for non-members, $10 for members.

About Jessica Gregg

Jessica Gregg, managing editor of Baltimore STYLE, is a graduate of University of Maryland’s journalism school. She spent more than a decade writing for newspapers around central Maryland before she moved to the Big Sky country of Montana and began to teach writing. After returning to Charm City, she worked for Sisters of Academy of Baltimore, among other schools, blogging and writing in her free time until she made the return to journalism for good. She previously worked as the special products editor for The Daily Record. She is a happy rowhouse dweller and mother of two.

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