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99 Days of Summer! Activities for June 17 to 23

There are 99 days of summer and 99 opportunities to do something fun. Here are a few ideas for this week.

June 17: Go for a hike! (Don’t forget your sunscreen, tick repellant, a hat and some drinking water!)

June 18: Declare a pajama day, and while you’re at it, eat breakfast in bed.

June 19: Plan a day trip to the beach and bring a shovel and pail. Get in the sand and water with your kids and carpe diem!

June 20: Today is National Vanilla Milkshake Day, as if anyone needed an excuse…

June 21: Celebrate the longest day of the year by letting your kids stay up just a wee bit late. Spend an extra hour at the pool, watch a special movie before bed or read “just one more story.”

June 22: Make breakfast for dinner!

June 23: Send a “just because” note to someone you haven’t reached out to in a while. Have your little ones draw a picture, write a simple letter or let them dictate a note and be their official scribe. Let them put on the stamp and seal the envelope. Walk to the mail box, post office or hand it to the mail carrier.

Activities for June 10 to 16

About Michon Zysman

Michon Zysman is the mother of a teen, tween and rising kindergartner. When not writing, she is knitting, rooting for the underdog and retaining her sense of wonder in this world. She lives in Pikesville.

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