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BC Staff

Baltimore's Child Staff

What Kids Worry About

Parents may assume that preteens are preoccupied with things such as their looks, schoolwork, and fitting into the social scene, but a recent KidsHealth KidsPoll titled “What Kids Worry About” reveals that these aren’t the only things on their minds. In the survey, 1154 kids ages 9 to 13 were …

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When Friends Move Away

What Do You Do When Your Child’s Friend Moves Away? By Jacqueline V. Scott Katie loved having her best friend live across the street from her. The close proximity made it easy for them to breeze into each other’s houses after school and throughout the weekend. Frequently, they would have …

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Once upon a time

Family Matters – August, 2007 By Lisa K. Schkloven, LCSW-C Once upon a time, when you were a child, perhaps you listened to fairy tales and believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. Although some adults may discourage these beliefs, fairy tales and folklore mythology actually …

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The Homework Myth

By Jacqueline V. Scott One afternoon last July, a 7-year-old Catonsville girl stood in her living room crying so loudly that a neighbor across the street could hear her through the open windows. When asked by her mother why she was so tearful, the little girl, who was entering second …

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