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Erica Rimlinger

The Bennett Blazers Forging a unique athletic community and, in some cases, blazing a trail to the Paralympics.

Olive Weidenhammer’s mother Elizabeth recalls her three-year-old daughter’s excitement before joining big sister Willow’s basketball league. But Elizabeth could tell Olive was also a little nervous. Whatever fears Olive may have harbored, they appeared to dissipate the moment Olive saw her new teammates. “Mom!” Olive exclaimed. “Everyone here’s in a …

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The Clutter-Free Home Four organizing pros help us realize the impossible dream.

  When my editor asked me to write 750 words on parenting without clutter, I had to fight an impulse to write HAHAHAHA 750 times. Any parent of a Lego aficionado can probably relate. I consider myself an organized person, but based on the number of Legos I’ve stepped on—always in bare feet—I concede defeat to …

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