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Ana Hart

B’More Social Sept. 2-4 Comic-Con, Willy Wonka, DIY, O's and more!

Happy Labor Day weekend, all! Amid those end-of-summer grill-outs and relaxing over on a day off, here’s some great events to liven up your weekend. FRIDAY Baltimore Comic-Con Baltimore nerds (and baby nerds) unite! Baltimore Comic-Con is back! For epic costumes, great exhibitors and  some really fantastic guests—Candace Patton (Iris …

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Post-Labor Day School Gov. Larry Hogan's executive order mandates public schools to start after Labor Day.

In the Baltimore region, almost all schools have already started and kids are getting back in the learning groove. But next year, this will instead be their last week of summer, according to a new executive order from Gov. Larry Hogan, which mandates all Maryland public schools start after Labor …

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Gene Wilder, Beloved ‘Willy Wonka,’ Dies 'So much time and so little to see... Wait. Strike that, reverse it.'

Gene Wilder, beloved film star and comedy giant, died today at the age of 83. His most iconic role is likely that of the title character in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” where his whimsical, yet also gentle and serious, portrayal became an integral part of many childhoods. Beyond “Willy Wonka,” …

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