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Isabel Bloosten

Homeschooling Goes Mainstream Home education is on the rise in Maryland.

All parents want the best education for their children. Sometimes, that means the local public school, and other times it’s a private institution or nearby charter school. But, for some families, the best choice comes in homeschooling. About 13,000 families homeschool in Maryland, according to the Maryland Home Education Association. …

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B’More Healthy: Vaccines 101 What you need to know about mandatory immunization.

There’s really only one reason children fear going to the doctor—shots. There’s nothing inherently unfriendly about most offices, particularly pediatricians’ play-oriented spaces, but not even the cutest monkey wallpaper or snuggliest waiting-room bear can hide the truth: There’s going to be a big scary needle, it’s going to pierce skin …

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Back-to-School Books The best reads to get your kids ready for class.

Transitioning from summer to school can be hard, especially for young children. These recommended reads from The Ivy Bookshop will help! Board/Soft Books (newborn-toddler) “The Night Before Preschool” by Natasha Wing and Amy Wummer ’Twas “The Night Before Preschool” (Grosset & Dunlap), and Billy was very nervous … but by …

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