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B’More Healthy

Treat Yourself, Wisely Balance is key in navigating culinary trends

Food trends abound with frappuccinos, frozen yogurt, smoothies, bubble tea and other gotta-have-it items. From social media to mother-daughter dates, I see the evidence almost daily of these fads; we are bombarded almost as frequently with dietary information and misinformation about them. I consulted with Kathryn Violette, RD, LDN, to …

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A Local Oncology Expert Explains Why Adolescents Should Get the HPV Vaccine

Vaccinations have long been used to minimize the risk of developing specific viruses. More recently, researchers have begun focusing on developing vaccines to prevent cancer. The HPV vaccine, approved by the Food and Drug Administration about a decade ago, is one such exciting development that has resulted from these efforts. …

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Sleep Hygiene—As Crucial for Kids as Personal Hygiene

As a parent, you understand the importance of teaching your child about good personal and dental hygiene. But many parents don’t realize that it’s equally critical to teach children good sleep hygiene—the practice of habits that directly impact the quality of a person’s sleep. Both the quantity and quality of …

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